Cardano’s builder launch two-month blockchain training program in Nairobi

The training will focus on aspiring blockchain developers in Nairobi, Kenya.

Cardano’s builder launch two-month blockchain training program in Nairobi
Design by Ifeoluwa Awowoye for Mariblock. 

Input Output Global (IOG), a blockchain engineering company and Cardano’s builder has partnered with the African Blockchain Center (ABC) to facilitate a blockchain training program for aspiring blockchain developers in Nairobi. 

The details 

  • The training program scheduled to take place over two months will teach the programming language Haskell to the participants. 
  • Prospective students will also learn Cardano’s native smart contract development tools, Marlowe and Plutus. 
  • In addition, Lars Brunjes, IOG’s director of education, will lead the training program along with two other experienced trainers. The program will be held both online and in person. 

Key quote 

  • The social media announcement stated: 
“Education is vital for driving blockchain adoption, and this program aims to nurture a skilled workforce in the blockchain domain. IOG wishes all the students a pleasant learning experience as they embark on this two-month Cardano blockchain training program.” 

Zoom out 

  • Adaverse declared its intention to invest in 300 African startups in three years and has invested in several blockchain startups to drive adoption for the Cardano blockchain. 
  • The accelerator typically requires its portfolio companies to integrate Cardano blockchain products. 
  • Some notable startups that Adaverse has invested in include BoundlessPay, Chekkit and Ejara
  • EMURGO Africa, the African arm of EMURGO, recently announced a $250,000 investment in the carbon exchange platform Changeblock to foster environmentally sustainable blockchain practices.  


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