IMF approves Kenya’s financial package of $941 million

A staff-level agreement follows the approval of the IMF loan to Kenya in November 2023.

IMF approves Kenya’s financial package of $941 million
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The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has approved a $941 million loan to Kenya under the Extended Fund Facility (EFF) as well as the Extended Credit Facility (ECF), with an immediate disbursement of $624.5 million.

This follows a staff-level agreement in November 2023 to ease financial pressure.

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Key quote 

 According to the IMF:

“Kenya’s growth remained resilient in the face of increasing external and domestic challenges. The EFF/ECF and RSF arrangements continue to support the authorities’ efforts to sustain macroeconomic stability.”

The details

  • The disbursement under the EFF and ECF will also receive an additional $60.2 million under  the Resilience Sustainability Facility (RSF).
  • According to reports, the executive board approval brings the total funds disbursed under the EFF and ECF arrangements to about $2.6 billion.

Key background 

  • In November 2023, the IMF reached a staff level agreement with Kenya to disburse $682 million.
  • The country has been facing acute liquidity challenges and uncertainty regarding its ability to access funding from financial markets. 
  • Kenya has a $2 billion Eurobond maturing in June.
  • The IMF acknowledges that Kenya’s economy has shown resilience despite facing global challenges like drought and the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • The country intends to use the funding to strengthen its reserves before its Eurobond payment in June.