World Mobile launches its multipurpose global mobile app

However, due to regulations, the Cardano wallet and fiat on-ramp features are currently unavailable in Tanzania. 

World Mobile launches its multipurpose global mobile app
Image source: Freepik; World Mobile | Design by Ifeoluwa Awowoye for Mariblock. 

Cardano-based telecommunications network provider World Mobile has launched its mobile app in five countries, including Tanzania, where it initiated its network deployment. The app includes features such as money transfers and peer-to-peer payments. 

The details 

  • In a social media post, the company said the app supports limited features in all five countries due to their differing regulatory positions. However, it hopes to make all its features available and expand into other markets quickly. 
  • The new app, only available on Android phones, features a non-custodial wallet to hold Cardano tokens such as WMT, World Mobile’s native digital token. In addition, users can on-ramp fiat in exchange for Cardano-supported cryptocurrencies on the platform. 
  • However, due to regulations, the wallet and the fiat on-ramp features are currently unavailable in Tanzania.
  • The company deployed 420 air nodes in Zanzibar, Tanzania, in a separate announcement. This implies that its network can now cover more distances and reach more people in the country. 

Key quote 

  • The company said: 
“Following a successful Community Beta, we’re proud to announce the latest version of the WorldMobile app is now available on the Google Play Store for Android.” 

What we don’t know

  • It is also unclear how the company plans to overcome regulatory challenges in Tanzania and make the in-app services available soon.
  • The country’s central bank currently has a ban on cryptocurrency transactions within the financial system.
  • The company did not respond to requests for comment at the time of publication.

Before now 

  • World Mobile Group is a global telecommunications operator that uses blockchain to deliver internet services to the unconnected using free-space optical communications and other radio transmitters. As these do not require licensing, it translates to less expensive internet access. 
  • The company initially conducted pilots in Zanzibar, Tanzania, and rolled out a native app for Zanzibaris earlier this year. 
  • Subsequently, it launched its commercial network in the country with its sights set on expanding into other markets. 
  • It has since conducted successful field tests in Kenya, Mozambique and Nigeria, intending to expand into these countries.