Binance airdrops $3 million in crypto to Morocco earthquake victims

Binance will airdrop $10 in BNB to active transacting users throughout Morocco, even if they reside outside the most affected areas.

Binance airdrops $3 million in crypto to Morocco earthquake victims
Image source: Freepik; Design by Samuel Ojo

Binance Charity, the philanthropy arm of the global cryptocurrency exchange, recently pledged $3 million worth of Binance Coin (BNB) to provide crucial aid relief to victims of the devastating Morocco earthquake.

The earthquake on September 8 resulted in the tragic loss of at least 2,862 lives and left 2,562 people injured.  

Quick facts

  • Binance has announced that it will be airdropping $3m to users living in the affected areas. They will identify users based on proof of address protocol (POA) implemented and completed before September 9. 
  • Users living in Marrakesh Safi province, which is the most affected area, and who have completed their proof of address before September 9 will each receive $100 BNB directly to their wallet. Existing users who complete their POA before September 30 will receive $25 in BNB to their Binance account. 
  • In addition, Binance is giving active users in Morocco who are not in the affected area $10 in BNB. The initiative is expected to benefit 70,000 users in Morocco. 
  • Binance charity has set up a public wallet address to enable people to contribute to provide additional aid that can be made in various cryptocurrencies. 

Key quote 

  • Binance founder and CEO said: 
“For Moroccan users who receive those donations but are unimpacted by the earthquake, we ask them to pass the funds unto those most in need.” 

Before now 

  • In March, Binance carried out a similar aid scheme to those affected by an earthquake in Turkey-Syria. They also offered $100 to all affected regional users, and a public donation was launched.  
  • Binance charity has also previously provided free Web3 training to 2,800 women in rural communities in South Africa and Brazil. 
  • They aim to provide virtual and physical courses to young women in South Africa, customized to the local context. The courses covered topics like cryptocurrency, blockchain, coding and more, aiming to empower women and reduce the gender gap.