Kenya now has a Bitcoin Lightning Network node

The node is the fourth Lightning node launched by the group, with the goal of enabling faster Bitcoin payments in Africa.

Kenya now has a Bitcoin Lightning Network node
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Africa Free Routing, a group of Bitcoiners, has launched its third new node on the Bitcoin layer-2 solution, Lightning Network. The latest node went live in Nairobi, Kenya just before the end of July.

The details 

  • The new node, KenyaFreeRouting, is the fourth Lightning node established by the group and the third in Africa.  
  • In a social media post, the group stated that the node was launched to provide a means for Kenyans to make fast Bitcoin payments. 
  • Data from Mempool shows that KenyaFreeRouting is the only active Lightning node in Kenya. 

Be smart 

  • The Bitcoin Lightning Network is a layer two peer-to-peer payments solution built on the blockchain. It is a sidechain used to settle transactions outside of the main Bitcoin chain at a faster rate and lower fees. 
  • Payments over the Bitcoin Lightning Network are typically more efficient when the nodes exist near the payer and the payee, hence the importance of setting up nodes locally. 

Zoom out 

“If a Nigerian bitcoiner and a Nigerian retailer are both connected to a [Lightning] node in Nigeria, it will give them the best lightning experience.” 

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